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Colicky pop then no Audio, then static sounds. Repeat


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I am experiencing some problems with playback during the latter mixing stages of one song.

Some information to set the scene



Using Logic 9.0 on OSX 10.6.4 on a Mac Mini, the interface is an Allen & Heath Zed r16 desk running through FireWire.



Audio has been dropping out sporadically when we press play. For a couple plays we get just a slight pop at the beginning then it progresses to a harsh static or clipping sound. Occasionally it will eventually return to playing the audio, however it has now reached the point where it pretty much just plays the horrible static sounds.


All other Logic files open and play correctly, iTunes will still play audio when this problem persists on logic. We have tried freezing all the tracks, we have tried bouncing them all as audio and moving them to a new file however it only bounces silence for each track.



Any help would be appreciated, we need to have this song finished ASAP.



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