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Importing Fader Levels


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I welcome the introduction of import project settings in Logic 9 but does anyone know if I can import the fader levels.

When I record drums I have a template set up for that purpose.

Then once I get one track roughly mixed, I want to import just the plug in settings which is fine and the fader levels ( which I can't seem to do ). I would be a very happy man if this can be done.


Thank You.




Logic 9.1.7

Mac OSX 10.7.3

iMAC 2.5 GHZ 8GB

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I agree with SMT, it's a bit odd - but if it works for you, here's a suggestion/work-around.


Put a single node (or more if wanted) of track automation on the track. Make sure the automation button is selected in the browser tab when you add to new project. It will set your fader level, then you can delete it (or put the channel strip automation mode to Off).


Or you could go low tech, write the fader level value down and set it after import...........

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Ok sorry on reading back that didn't come across as intended. All I meant was that when mixing a number of tracks for a band with a consistent sound I would like to import the fader levels for each channel from one song to the next . So when I have mixed one track I can get a really good head start on the next. But your idea of putting in simple automation is a good one which should do the trick - thanks! I'm not as mad as I sound! Go low tech....wow there's a idea...!
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