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EXS Loop sample editor sample loop


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I've made a sampler instrument and i want to edit one of the samples shorter than originally - i didn't want to have to dial it in on the sample start end section of the exs editor


So - i thought i'd use sample loop to determine the point where i wanted the sample to end then just copy it over into the sample end from the loop function


But for some reason it's not working - i open the sample up in the sample editor from the exs editor - choose sample loop from the edit section - move the green bar where i want it


But this makes no change to the loop start end point - they just stay the same as before


Is there some kind of ' set ' button i need to press, ?



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move the green bar where i want it

Can you actually move the green bar? I can't do that here. I can adjust the Loop start or the Loop end, not both at the same time. When I adjust either the Loop start or the Loop end, the corresponding values in the Sampler Instrument window update.


I have in the past been in situations where I couldn't make this work. I never really understood why.

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