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Logic Express (The Document could not be opened) [SOLVED]


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Hi everybody,

I have some big problems opening my Logic projects.

I was on OSX 10.5.8, today i upgraded to 10.6.8, Logic is on 9.1.7. I backed up everything.... Then copied to Music/Logic....

I installed also every plug-ins and so on...

But now logic isn't opening my projects with the error message in the topic title (yes i tried with CTRL when opening, same result) even sometimes i get the error message. The operation could not be completed. No more information about this porblem available.

So i'm really confused because i need to work on this projects :/


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Thx a lot mate, but now i get this msg: The format of this file is not compatible with this logic express version. Please load into logic 7.2.....

Hmm ok, bit this is strange, just one upgrade from leopard to snow leopard and then this...

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All files related to your project have a mysterious "@0" appended to their name:




...including the contents of the project file itself (accessed by control-clicking the project file, in this case "MDotWorkaround.logic", and choosing "Show Package Contents"):




Remove that "@0" from all files and your projects will open again without problems:





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Yeah, i'll tell you ;)

I formated my hdd, then installed 1.6.8. (before i was on 10.5.8 ) logic version (there i'm really sorry, i do not remember my version number on osx leopard) now i have 9.1.7 (logic express).

I've dome my backup with WD SmartWare. Then with new os, i transfered all my logic projects to UserID/Music/Logic. And then, yeah you know the rest :/ And i dont know why this app added this info on/in the files...

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