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Copying notes between regions in Piano Roll


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I like to assign different colors to my recorded regions and view them all in the Piano Roll with "Region colors" selected so that I can see everything and know which notes are in which regions.


It would be amazing if there were a way to select a note and copy it (retaining its location) to another region without leaving the Piano Roll. As far as I can tell there is no way to do this.


What do you think is the best method for accomplishing this while maintaining a good workflow?


Any suggestions are most welcome.

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Prepare to be amazed.... :wink:


You can do this. Double click on a note in the region you want as your source. The PRE will go down a level to show only that region.

Select the note(s) you want to copy and use command C. Now double click anywhere in the background grid and the PRE will go up to the "all regions" view. Select a note in the region you want to paste to, and double click. You are now again down a level, in the target region. Use your favorite paste technique, I highly recommend using "paste at original position" You can assign a key command to it if there is not already one for it.

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Paste At Original Position is the most time-saving, bestest-ever function in all of Logic. No setting the playhead to where you want to paste a part (provided, of course, that your intention is to copy a part to the same location, just on another track). It's just CMD-C copy and then PAOP. Boom, done. Put it on a key command!
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I agree with Ski: Paste at original position is man's best friend! :-)


If you use Doug Z's idea, it could be a good idea to activate Region Colors in the Piano Roll, then you'll see all events in every region in the color of the region it belongs to. Or, more accurately: If you select multiple regions in Arrange (and enable Region Colors in the Piano Roll, you can see and edit evens in multiple regions at the same time...


There are other simple ways to copy between regions, btw: You can do it in score (n full score mode), which in a case like this could be at least as useful as doing it on the Piano Roll, because Score serves as a multitrack MIDI editor. Or: you could just copy the events in question from the piano roll directly into Arrange (again, at the original position, if you wish) - either as a new region or into an existing region in Arrange. If you want to paste something from an editor directly into a region in Arrange, you need to select that region (in Arrange) before you paste it.








Make sure you see see the regions in Arrange and the piano roll below the Arrange area.

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