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Transpose up a semitone (Chords as well) [SOLVED]


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Say you've done a lead sheet (melody and chord symbols) in the key D, two choruses long, 32 measures each.

Now you want to transpose the second chorus (Measures 33-64)up a semitone (to Eb) and have the CHORD SYMBOLS transpose as well.

What is the simplest way to do, what seems to be a very simple, and COMMON thing. It really shouldn't be as hard as it seems


I am intrigued and eagerly looking for to any help with this question.



STYMIED :wink:

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You could could the region to the bar lengths specified and use the region transpose parameter in the arrange window to raise it a half step. In the Score Editor page view you won't notice the divided region. (Made need to make a score set.)


You can also "normalize" the region and glue it back to the other regions to have one region. MIDI>Region Parameters>Normalize Region Parameters.

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I'm trying to attach a picture of what I've done but can't seem to do that.

At any rate, t I have successfully transposed the measures in question in the ARRANGE-GLOBAL TRACKS-TRANSPOSITION area... and chord symbols do not change, the pitches do.


Sorry I am baffled... and new to Logic



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I didn't make myself clear - sorry.


First off, a warning: do not use the global transposition track, at least in this case. Be very careful if you ever use it. It can create unexpected results.......


Where you want to transpose is in the inspector - the column on the left. The top box is the Region Parameter box. It has a transposition field. If you position your pointer immediately to the right go the word Transpose and you click/hold/drag you move by semi-tones (you can also double click and a get a text entry box). The up/down arrows just a bit further to the right are for octave adjustments.



Delete any global transpose information.

If you haven't yet done so, create a new MIDI region by cutting at the previously determined bars.

Making sure this is the selected region, go to the Region Parameter box and transpose up one semi-tone.

Look in Score Editor. All should be good. Remember it will show up as a separate region in linear view, but will look perfect in page view.

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