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Replacing External soundmodule with internal (GM) sounds


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I have hundreds of old compositions made in logic 7 and earlier (.lso files). In the 1990s I used an external Yamaha TG-300 General Midi sound module. I'm searching for a fast way to listen to those old songs. How can I change the track assignments in whole to an internal soundmodule Garageband or Logic instruments. Can I address the GM Mixer's output to any internal GM-Module? Edited by heartmood
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You could set instrument tracks and route them to the internal QuickTime synthesizer in the Environment.


Another option would be to place your MIDI regions on software instrument tracks, and in the instrument field, navigate to AU Instruments > Apple > DLSMusicDevice (which also accesses the internal QuickTime synthesizer).

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Thank you David for your fast reply!


For the first option I'd have to set every single instrument track (there are dozens) separately?


For the second option: would DLSMusicDevice choose the correct instruments automatically? I'll try that first and tell you.

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