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ableton resonator for Logic


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just had a look at that - looks like a nice effect! (



as far as im aware there's nothing like this in logic though - the delay designer can kind of do a few similar things - but i think you can ' play in ' the resonator from a midi keyboard... ? You definitely can't do that in logic ( unless there's some snazzy environment work around that i don't know about )


Logic's lacking in comparison to ableton with a few of these effects.

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yeh, you can get similar sound's in logic but there's not a plugin which will enable to to get it right off the bat.... which make's logic slower for this kind of thing, which (imo) generally means worse.


Huh? All of the abovementioned synths can be played while the sound to be "resonatified" is coming in through the sidechain...


and for this type of effect ( using a sample as the sound source and playing in pitch's for it ) I'd have thought you'd be best off having a play around with the vocoder....


...The EVOC as written above.

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