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Pops and clicks when I create a Flex marker


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I read a bit about pops and clicks when using the flex mode but I haven't found an answer to this problem.


Just creating the flex marker is causing clicks and pops in some cases. If I delete that flex marker the noise goes away. I noticed in other circumstances where I moved flex markers around that certain artifacts would be audible and that moving them around a bit more fixed it, but this is something that is happening before I have even moved the marker. It doesn't happen to every flex marker I create, and it goes away when I delete the marker. Right now I am trying to just be really careful about it as I go about editing the track, but I am wondering if I am missing a key piece of information.


This is for a bass track in monophonic mode with percussive on.


Thank you.

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I noticed it doesn't happen if I turn Percussive off, so I am doing that for now. I really don't hear any difference in sound quality (other than the absence of clicks) so that seems to work. It still seems weird to me that just creating the marker would introduce this.
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