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Add some gain to my final mastered track?

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i simply want to add some gain to my final mastered track. however the maximizer (third party plug in) i use is not creating a nice effect.

to add gain instead using a maximizer, could't i just add gain in the adaptive limiter? or should i add volume from the output of the adaptive limiter. :?



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If you want to add gain, use neither a maximizer nor an adaptive limiter: use a volume fader, or a Gain plug-in.


If you want to increase the perceived volume without raising the gain, then you need to watch the composition, performance, arranging, orchestration, mixing and mastering, as all of those factor in on the impression of loudness your mix is going to give the listener.


Now for a quick answer to your question, yes, you can use the adaptive limiter to boost the loudness without changing the gain. Once the output of the adaptive limiter is set (for example to 0 dBFS), do not adjust the volume again after the output of the adaptive limiter. That plug-in is typically the last one on your stereo out channel strip.

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