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Spinning rainbow ball of doom when duplicating tracks!

Old Mac Donald

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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? A weird thing has started happening in my song projects when I attempt to duplicate a track. It's not all the time but it's becoming more frequent. Basically I click the 'duplicate track' button and I get the grey 'Groups' column appearing and then the annoying spinning rainbow ball! After about 30 seconds I get a yellow triangle error message stating 'Couldn't create region' and from here the project hangs. The only way out it seems is to force a quit. I'm just wondering if anyone can shed some light on why this keeps happening? It's becoming a real hassle! Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Hi David and thanks for your reply! This problem has been happening for a long time now across a number of song projects I've been working on and is getting increasingly worse (I've lost a lot of ideas because of this!)


I work from a customised song template I have tweaked over the last year so there could be some kind of 'bug' with that maybe? Also 'yes', I'd say most of the time I duplicate a track from a track above that does have regions in it. (It's normally guitar tracks that I end up duplicating - the 'Clean Echoes' preset has become my clean 'signature sound' of late.) I rarely complete a guitar track in one take so there's always regions in these guitar tracks I do.


Because I start most of my new Song Projects from a customised Song Template which I have tweaked & tailored to the preset sounds I use on a regular basis, I haven't actually checked whether this issue occurs when using a stock Logic Song Template (like 'Songwriter' for example). I shall go and try that and report back with my results.


Finally, I'm very aware that I have done A LOT of projects on my Mac Mini over the last couple of years and that it takes me many attempts to get stuff 'right' (especially where guitar parts are concerned!) I'm also very aware that I just go from one project to the next (with my projects backed up to an external drive) without doing ANY sort of Mac maintenance in between!!! My 'Audio Bin' for each project is a always a complete mess and it just gets left that way which I know is NOT good practice! Could it be that my hard drive could need 'defragging' (or whatever the Mac equivalent of this is?) I know that when I finally finish a project I've been working on there is always a huge mountain of 'behind the scenes' unused audio and over-written track info embedded in my projects and this must take up a hell of a lot of space I would imagine. Bad habits I know! I definitely need to get into some kind of good practice for system maintenance before I finish a current project and move on to the next one. Do you have any tips in this area?

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Weird, this exact same thing just happened to me twice in a row now, and I had to force-quit.


I am comping vocals in a session that was recorded on a laptop with an mp3, to import them into the original session. I duplicated one track, then it flipped out on me when I went to duplicate the new one.

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