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Save as template....not saving


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I'm trying to "Save as Template" and I'm being directed to User (not a specific folder) I tried to direct it to: Library>App Support>Logic>Project Templates (where all my other templates are located) but when I tried to save it there I got the following:

"Please choose a location in the template folder or one of its subfolders!"

FWIW....I have many saved templates already, this just started happening with Templates as well as Channel Strip Settings.

Unable to save them.

Any thoughts??


Here's my gear info:

MacBook Pro i7 2.ghz

16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

Crucial 512 SSD

OS 10.7.3

Logic 9.1.7

Duet 2

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Weird. The only difference between "File > Save As" and "File > Save As Template" should be that the latter automatically chooses the right template folder for you! Apparently, that's no longer working on your machine. :shock:


Now if you are getting that alert, my guess is, you're not choosing the correct Template folder: there are two such folders, one at the root of your hard drive (Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Project Templates) and the other in your user folder ({your-user-folder}/Library/Application Support/Logic/Project Templates). Make sure you choose the latter, not the former.

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Hi David-

That's what I tried first and then tried the User just to see what would happen. Neither worked! Kinda strange huh?

I just went upstairs and tried the same thing on my iMac.....same thing! I haven't saved any templates in a while.

So...my thought is that I'm now using Logic 9.1.7 and was on an earlier version of Logic 9 when I last successfully saved a Template.

Not quite sure what to make of this. For now, I'm just saving my "wanting to be a Template" as a song and working from there after renaming aka the Autoload of the past.

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