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Logic MIDI Assignments & Keystation Pro Port Snafu


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I have previously used the MIDI learn feature in Logic Pro to assigne controls on my Keystation Pro 88 keyboard (knobs and faders) to controls on a virtual instrument, in this case the EFM1, with the MIDI Input Message in the Input Message area of the Controller Assignment Parameter portion assigned to "Keystation Pro 88 Port 1."


When I opened up Logic again a few weeks later to play around with the virtual instruments, I noticed that the MIDI Input Message for all of the controls of the EFM1 somehow set themselves to "Keystation Pro 88 Port 2." I went to reset each by clicking on the dropdown list and selecting "Keystation Pro 88 Port 1."


Tonight, I wanted to play with a different instrument, the ES E. When my controllers weren't responding via the keyboard, I opened up the Controller assignments for that instrument, and I saw the same reset situation (all were switched from "Keystation Pro 88 Port 2" to "Keystation Pro 88 Port 1"). Just for curiosity's sake, I checked the EFM1 again. Sure enough, they were also reset back to Port 2.


As you can imagine, this is a bit frustrating having to reset the dropdown lists manualy every time I want the keyboard controllers to work with the parameters on the instrument, only for the process to repeat the next time I start Logic.


How can I make it so that not only can I choose Port 1, but that it stays that way for good?


I appreciate any assistance; thanks!


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