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Noise/Delay on mic, how to remove?


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I just bought a Fame CU3 microphone and at first, everything went well and I had no problems recording, but now there's noise, a lag and my voice sounds like a robot and a few tones lower than the note I sing/talk.

This is only when I want to record in Logic, if I just plug in the microphone into my laptop and plug my headphones into the mic everything is alright, but when I want to record a track, the mic doesn't work properly...


If I deselect 'software monitoring', the microphone sounds ok again, but when I play my recording the problem is back.


This is very frustrating because I've tried to solve this problem for hours, but I'm new to Logic and I just can't seem to find it...

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your reply! I tried setting it to 48.000 Hz, it removed the noise (and it came back a few minutes later :? ) and it sounds like the bitcrusher effect, it's always a few notes lower than the note I sing and there's a horrible lag on it. But I messed with all the settings on Preferences > Audio, and I don't know how to fix that :lol:


I just set it on 96.000 kHz and most of the problems disappeared, there was only a slight cracking sound, and still a huge lag. Annnnd when I changed it to 176.400 and then back to 96.000 the sound became horrible again?

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The box says "96K/192KHz sampling rate for recording" but it works best when I set it to 48.000, but it still has some sort of annoying clicking sound on the background. And there's still a delay of maybe 2-5 seconds
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