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Edit video in logic?


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I have a long video recording and a couple audio recordings of a live recording in the studio. The video and audio do not start at the same time. Is it possible to cut out the piece of video that i need, within logic, or do you have to do all video editing in another program before opening it in logic? Also how would I go about getting the in time with eachother? Is it just a matter of lining it up by sight/sound? or is there a more accurate way?
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Ok, I spent some time messing with it and I realize now that you cant really edit the video in logic. So I edited in imovie and than brought it into logic. I than synced it up by sight and sound, however I am wondering if there is a more technical and accurate way to sync of the video from my iphone with the audio recorded into Logic? How is this normally done?
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