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Internal drive vs external for projects, speedwise

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A Glyph is not better for speed! :shock: It's nothing but another brand of HD enclosures. Glyph does not make hard drives, they use the same hard drives as anybody else (they use Seagate drives).


It is typically recommended to use a secondary drive for saving your projects, especially when you use a lot of audio tracks. That way the audio files stream from a different HD than the System HD, which is consistently used by the system to page RAM in and out.


However it depends on the project, it depends on the way the secondary HD is connected, etc. For example if you're doing dance music and mainly have software synth tracks, it doesn't really matter which HD that project is on, as it will be completely loaded into RAM when you open it.

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You're welcome Alex! Sometimes the recommendations that seem to be a no brainer for many other people just don't apply to you! :D


Ya I keep reading up on mixing and recording techniques and then they go into mic'ing strategies and hardware racks for instance and I completely lose them, haha

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