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My Metal productions


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Greetingzz :twisted:


Welcome to my World of Metal.


I don't know if there are many people listening to hard music here, but I'm posting this to amass all the metal disciples in the darkness, awaiting for their revenge to come :evil:


Well anyway. Enough said about my evil plans. Hope you will enjoy, and I will be glad to read any comments about my music :) Voices in my Mind (URL below) is my latest production available for free, it's mainly Death Metal (sounds like Soilwork, In Flames and like SepticFlesh), but I've added a touch of Melodic and "electronic" on a few songs. The songs I recommend you are Consequences (N°2) and Voices in my Mind (N°7), as they're softer than the rest :)


Here's the link: http://www.jamendo.com/fr/list/a109949/voices-in-my-mind


I hope you'll enjoy!


Thank you :)

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I try to keep up w/ the genre and I'd say you've pretty much nailed it stylistically.


But, your mix is suffering from some seriously distracting compression pumping to my ear. Not sure if it's just the drums or the guitars causing it, but you really should fix it. Others on this forum will be able to help you figure it out better than me, but a quick Google search on "compression pumping" might be a good place to start.

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