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Logic Pro MIDI Issue?


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Hi Folks.


I've been using Logic Pro 9 for the past year with all my external midi gear with no issues at all.


Yesterday i turn it on and nothing is being read by Logic.

Im using two MTP-AV units chained to enable 16 midi ports and they show up when i select an instrument but Logic will not recognise any midi data both incoming and out going.


i also have no control over soft synths using external keyboards but can draw patterns in and get a response,This does not work regarding the external instruments tho.


Any info is much appreciated as i've reinstalled drivers and my midi connections are showing but with no response.

Its obviously an issue in Logic but i've no idea what it can be?

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Thanks for the reply J.


I managed to get it working in the end tho it took me a while to do so.


someone on another board gave me info on Logics enviroment thinking that was the issue and once it'd read up on that i gathered it was as you say the audio/midi setup.

i run a motu mtp unit with clockworks and it turned out audio/midi had an issue for some reason i cant explain.

i updated the drivers straight away but it made no change, this is what lead me to think it was a Logic issue.

Ended up having to delete all my audi/midi settings and re-patch my midi cables and its up and running again!

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