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Recording into logic [SOLVED]

Corrosive Soundz

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Hoping someone can help me here, i want to start a project making a mega mix. Im a Dj as well as a producer and i want to record some vinyl into logic so i can slice some tracks up and at get 40+ tunes into a 10 minute mix. i have hooked my turntable up to my sound card no problems actually recording to a audio channel, its the saving of the tracks im having trouble with, i open a new project make a new audio channel with record enabled as soon as i go to record my first vinyl it prompts me to choose a save name, little did i know this is asking me to name the project, so there for every time i record a new track it names it the project name and dumps it in the audio files folder within the project. so at the moment im having to manually go in to the audio files folder and rename every recording the name of the track. is there any way of logic prompting me to choose what i want to name the recording? other wise when im done recording all my tracks i will be left with 40+ tunes named the same as i named the project.


Hopefully that made sense

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First, save and name your new projects before you record.


When recording without Naming a track, the file is named according to the Project name, the Track number and the "take".


If the track is Named, the file is given the Track name and the "take" number.


So your solution is to Name your Audio Tracks before you record.

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