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Artifacts when vimeo / youtube

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I have recorded some tracks for a videoart project. They sound perfect in Logic (any format: aiff, mp3...). However, when they are uploaded to vimeo / youtube (together with the video) some artifacts appear in the bass / kick sounds. As if there were some distortion

I've tried everything: filters, eq.....

The recordings do not clip or distort. The maximum peak is -3.

Any ideas or solutions?

Thanks in advance for your answerd

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thanks for your answer

We use Final Cut for the video. The tracks are recorded in Logic, then I send the track in a AIFF file and it is added to Final Cut (However, I've tried any different format). The video is exported from Final Cut according to Vimeo instructions on how to upload videos to Vimeo.

I asked for help in Vimeo Forum, but they "say they do not hear anything strange", which I find unbelievable. The artifacts are not heard if I upload the music to Soundcloud, for example.

Anyway, this is no t only in the low frequencies.

Thnaks agin for your answer

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Then if you did everything right on your part, the artifacts come from Vimeo compression of the video. There's nothing you can for that, except not using vimeo.


Couldn't he adjust the mastering to optimize the song for the Vimeo medium?


Like what? He said he's peaking at -3dB.

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thanks for your answers.

I tried reducing the peaks to -5, but it does not make any effect.

Now, I'll try the plug in you advise me to use and I'll try leaving out some instruments.


On the other hand, a friend toldm e about the possibility of a prblem with the bits (bit depth or bit rate). As if there were something wrong in the settings.

I'll have a look to these things.

Any other advice is welcomed,

thanks again for the answers,

I'll let you know

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