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Time signature issue


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I am stumped with a time signature issue. I have a big session - lots of tracks, many, many time signature changes, markers, tempo changes, midi and audio tracks etc. After recording and sequencing, I have decided that one section in the middle needs to be redone, with a NEW time signature. What I want to be able to do is change the time signature of empty bars, and only the empty bars. No matter how I try to change time signatures, everything after gets out of sync. The markers no longer line up to where they used to be, or the later time signatures are off from the tracks, etc.


To compare what I am trying to do in Logic to Sibelius, for example, one would just change the time signature of whichever bars, and all the later material would be unaffected (rehearsal numbers, future time signature changes, etc). Thank you for your help - I'm running Logic 8.0.2. Joel

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Just enter a new time signature at whatever measure you want it to start at. Then, when you get to the end of that section, if extra beats remain, you'll have to accommodate that situation by inserting a new time signature change for them. Then you can resume with the time signature(s) of the following measures.




4 measures of 7/4 followed by

6 measures of 4/4 (24 beats) followed by

6/4 time from there out


You want to change the 4/4 time to 3/4. So you enter a 3/4 time signature at that point and now you're going to have 8 measures of 3/4 (still 24 beats). That all works out nicely. However, let's say you want to change those 4/4 measures to 5/4. Five doesn't divide into 24 very nicely; you're going to be able to accommodate 4 full measures of 5/4 but your final measure is going to have to be 4/4 (24 beats in total) before you enter your 6/4 section.


If, however, you wanted to have five full measures of 5/4 before the 6/4 measures kick in, you're going to have to insert a beat before the 6/4 measure.


Hope that helps.

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