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Pitch and tempo changes overnight [SOLVED]


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Dear all,

Has anyone come across this. I am not new to Logic, but I have a new set up with Logic 9. When opening a project I've been working on, audio and midi is out of sync, probably because the tempo has somehow been changed overnight (?). I don't remember the original tempo. And even stranger, the audio (several tracks) has also transposed itself one half step up. This is the 2nd time this happens in a week. I know this sounds esoteric, but I am serious.

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Thank you jordito for helping. By closing the project and opening it again, the settings (whatever they were) got back to normal. This has happened twice, so something weird is going on. For now I'm happy that I can continue with the project, next time I will look into the sample rate.
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Thank you David. Yes, there is something paranormal about my (brand new) M-audio card too. It only works in 16bit mode. The local dealer where I live (Bangkok) was also surprised, but said yes, after checking, it's obviously so. I need to reboot it all the time, so I would't be surprised if this was an M-audio issue.
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