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Remove tempo information


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Hello all,


I was wondering if anyone knows a way to remove tempo information in a session?


I have a session with 4 songs in it and I tried the band with a click on song 2 so upped the tempo to around 162bpm. The band were not ready to play to a click so I just recorded the song without a click (and all the ones after too) the songs are fine and don't need to be put to a tempo but when I try to select all regions in a take and tidy up my arrange page by moving some regions before the tempo change (I left about 50 bars between each take) overdubbed regions are moving out of sync and drum tracks are shortening.


I know it's only really a cosmetic thing and I can work with what I have but I do like to be neat and tidy when moving on to the edit.


Thanks in advance


Dan Oakley

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You can edit the Tempo Track too. If you move everything four bars to the left, you can do the same with (events on) the Tempo Track. This is simplest in the Tempo List.

You cannot have a "tempoless" song. Logic always plays at "a" tempo.





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