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Automating ultrabeat

lucid life

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I want to automate individual tracks in ultrabeat, but when I try all the tracks move together. I routed the kick to an aux track;put the effect I am using on that aux track, and when I press play I can hear both the effect, and the original kick. What I want is just the effect. So I figure at the part of the song I want the effect to kick in I would lower the volume of the original kick, and raise the volume of my aux track, but It is not working.


Is there a way to make each track 100% individual? I think I am not routing something right. I did the same with one of my snares, but the original snare, and the effect snare sound the same so actually the effect snare comes out more prominent, and hides the original.


I tried putting my aux, on post, and pre, but nothing changed.

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haha, well I am still having a problem. I went back to my old thread, and read your post. So I have the kick, and the snare from ultra beat, and put the outputs to bus 1, and the snare to bus 2. When I play the tracks I ge the effect. Now I only want the effect at a certain time in the song for about a bar, then cut off, but when I lower the volume I lower the whole sound,.For the snare I am using the EVOC effect. I don't know how to lower the effect, without lowering the volume of the snare.
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I am working on the snare fist. I have the output set to bus 1, and bus 1 has the EVOC effect on it. I hear the effect. When I lower the volume on bus 1 I can't hear the sound anymore, and when I lower the volume on the snare track it does the same thing. That is because I have everything being outputed to bus 1. The evoc does not have dry/wet signal I can use.
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