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Vince Gill

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"... Vince admits he is dismayed by the current state of the music industry, and worried about its future. "Income streams are dwindling. Record sales aren't what they used to be," he notes. "The devaluation of music and what it's now deemed to be worth is laughable to me. My single costs 99 cents. That's what a [single] cost in 1960. On my phone, I can get an app for 99 cents that makes fart noises -- the same price as the thing I create and speak to the world with. Some would say the fart app is more important. It's an awkward time. Creative brains are being sorely mistreated."
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Musicians and artists being exploited for too little money - hasn't that always been so?


There have always been "fart apps" - but it has nothing to do with music. There are a lot of things that also cost 99 cent - so what? If you want to be depressed over mankind and its' silly and so often useless timekilling toys it creates, well, you're free to do so - or are you? Vince?




When I was a teenager, a single cost six guilders, which amounted to about $ 3 or £ 2 back then - which was a ridiculous price. You could get at least two hours of empty cassette tape for that money. And remember, often more than 90 % of the proceeds went to middle men (producers, managers, record companies, (COUGH)thieves(COUGH). Nowadays, a composer in fact earns more money per sold song than ever before. When the single cost three times as much, the earning for the artists were three times lower - not to mention the practice of the socalled "strangle-contracts" (artists having to pay for the recording studio and production costs).

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Both preceding posts are valid AND not exclusive of the other.


Eriksimon, I see nothing wrong with your post other than the tone, which seems to imply that Vince Gill's comment is just sour grapes. The most troublesome truth ---in my opinion--- is this culture of the Napster generation, who firmly believe that they are entitled to free music. No... Free ANYTHING! (It's just easier to rip the latest hot album than the latest bestselling novel.)


New opportunities are presenting themselves all the time, but the days of the Top Twenty albums selling in the multi-millions are ---at least for the time being--- gone. And I think that's what Vince Gill was saying. (And speaking of the fart noises... Can anybody tell me how a four and half minute single can sell for 99¢ while a forty second ringtone of that same song goes for $3.49??? Uh... The logic of that one escapes me.)

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