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Automatic Renaming comp problem with track groups


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Hello everyone,


Here is a problem I can't solve, related to the automatic naming of comps that logic does...

It's no big deal when I do editing work on one single track (I can rename it), but it is when I do edits in a groups of tracks...


* I have a group made of drum tracks (BD in, kBD out, sn top, sn bot, ...)

* I've recorded many takes

* I've done a comp, editing all tracks together (thanks track grouping !)


Now the name of the comp of the first track of the group (which is "BD In 91" as shown on the attached pic") is automatically named by logic "Composite 1", while all other tracks keep a file name made of the name of the track itself and the number of the take (i.e. the second track BD Out 99#28)


If I flatten and merge, every tracks keeps it's file name according to the name of the track, except the first one ! it's file name is replaced by the name of the comp... I don't like that for 2 reasons :


1) As seen on many posts, the file name "comp" is not really expressive... ok I might change it but if I do so, then all the drum track will be renamed with what I choose... I don't want that, I want all my files to be named after their own track name


2) Having a different name for just one track makes the "counting" of my takes go weird if I do additionnal recordings on that group later.... On the attached pic, see how the last take is numbered 29 for BD in, but 23 on HH, 24, on X-sticks, ... of course I've always recorded all the tracks together ! so it's just after many comping - merging that this happen... I just would like to have all the files of my takes named with the same number !!


Finally, it's just a mess in my audio folder !


So... Is there a way to ask Logic not to change the name of just one track of the group ? Or at least all the same way ??


I would love if Logic would keep all the files names according to their respective track names and numbered with the number of the takes. No problem if Logic would add "comp" to all files names of the group when I merge...



Thanks for your help !






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