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soundcard with RCA input, for creating dj mixes

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Hi everyone, I hope that someone out there will be able to help me with this question. I am looking for a soundcard that will allow me to plug in my dj mixer i stereo, either through xlr but preferably through rca cables. I also like fo the card to have a monitor output that allow me to listen to both whats coming out from the computer and the cut / scratch or song that im going to be mixing to another track. Im not going to be mixing for two straight hours, rather than laying down one song and then mixing in another on another track. Maby I would like to add some voice on another track once or twice, but its not important and I can also do that with another soundcard if there is one that satisfies my primary needs. I like the sleek design and the small space the apogge duett occupies but im not sure it will work for me.


I use a macbook, OX 10.6, 4 gig ram, logic pro 9, my mixer is a rane ttm 56.

I hope i havent left any vital information here.

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