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Importing Loopmasters samples into Logic 9 library [SOLVED]


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Sorry, but a newbie here having trouble with importing Loopmaster samples into Logic 9


(BTW, I had no problem adding the Apple Loops - that was easy).


My setup: Mac OSX Lion running Logic 9

I've got folders with .exs files and other folders with the associated .wav files.


According to the Loopmaster directions…




Copy the instrument files (*.exs) to your “Sampler Instruments” folder for Logic.

This folder is located: ...username/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments


Copy the sample pack folder to ...username/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Files

The next time you Load EXS24 the patches will be seen in the EXS24 browser window.


For logic 9+users


Copy the sample pack folder to your “Sampler Instruments” folder for Logic.

This folder is located: ...username/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments


OK…couple problems/questions I ran into with those directions…


1. Am I supposed to follow the 'EXS24' directives or the 'For logic 9+' directives?


2. Instead of putting them into my username/library folder, I just went ahead and put the .wav and .exs files into the 'global' library along with the logic factory samples. Is this going to cause problems?


3. I've got the same .wav files in my Ableton Live library…is there any way to prevent Logic from looking/indexing in that library? Everytime I load one of these sampler instruments, it's finding a duplicate and prompting me to associate one of them. I suppose the real solution is to only keep one set of .wav files to share between the 2 apps.


Thanks for any suggestions…hope I'm making some sense with my questions.



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1. Yes, but you could place the .wav files anywhere you want on any hard drive, as long as the .exs file go in the library.


2. Your userrname/library is your private library: only you as that user can access it. The Macintosh HD/Library is a public library: any user on your Mac can access it. You decide where to place the instruments depending on who you want to be able to access them. If you're the only user on your Mac, it doesn't matter.


3. Yes, no need to store duplicate samples on your HD.

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