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Mastering Question: Keeping things smooth between sections.

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I'm a newb when it comes to mastering tracks and usually master tracks by using a Waves L2 on the master output and dragging the threshold down a few db. Now I have a dance song with a huge bassline in the chorus, so when i set my waves l2 at about -6 db threshold, the verses sound nice and loud and close to commercial levels, but when the song hits the chorus and the huge bassline enters, my sound gets all overcompressed and choppy like. The bassline is suppose to be very prominent in the chorus and take over, so I would like to keep it upfront, just wondering what techniques I need to apply to maintain my loud verses with about -6 db on the maximizer, and also maintain a clean loud chorus? Do I need to use something prior to the maximizer like a compressor to keep things under control? or do i need to go back to the mixing stage of the chorus and that bassline in particular?
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You could automate the limiter.


What I like to do when mastering is have multiple tracks with various settings, and marquee sections of the song and drag them to the various tracks. So maybe I have one track that's very compressed and one that's not so compressed, and I drag the choruses to the first and the verses to the second, etc...

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