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Fine volume control (Lion)

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Howdy all


Hopefully someone can help me out here; I have a Duet 2 interface running with some partially modded Yamaha HS80 monitors and running the latest Lion on my iMac. Currently I use the keyboard volume controls to adjust system volume while mixing/mastering and so far it's been ok but the increments of the keyboard controls jump in 10 steps (eg. -48db to -38db on the Duet).


Basically I'd like to know if there's a way to lower that incremental value, preferably through a tidy method (easy script hacking or something). I'm aware of the Shift+Option+Up/Down method but I'd like this to be a permanent thing if possible (I'd like to save the extra fingers for stroking my chin!).


Anyone shed some light? Cheers!

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