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Is there a command keys preset for swiss keyboard layout?


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Hey everybody


This is really bugging me. I have a MBP with swiss (switzerland) keyboard layout, and many of the default keyboard shortcuts don't work for me because of this. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a preset for the swiss layout in Logic... Maybe there can be downloaded one somewhere? Or should I think about getting an external US-keyboard for working with Logic?


Thanks a lot for help


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This is a nice suggestion, but there are dozens to hundreds of commands, and I hoped there would be already such a preset file. Maybe I should ask in the official Apple forums... at least Switzerland is quite a big market to them...!
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If I won't find one, I will have to do this, and I will. But let's see if somebody else has already done this.


Another option is to buy an US-layouted keyboard - I know many people outside the US working with such a keyboard when it comes to highly sophisticated applications that were designed to be used with a US-keyboard.

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