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Setting Up - (Warning: Extremely Open, Amateur Post)


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I've been producing work with Logic for several years and feel pretty comfortable with it, but am at a point where I need to focus on bringing my work to a live format.


My work is entirely based on cello, piano, and classical guitar , but utilizes plenty of delay layering and reverb texturizing from Logic.


My hardware is intentionally minimal. Besides the mics, I have a Mackie ProFX8 Mixer and a Boss Loop Station (which I probably won't even use).


My question is basic but enormous. Where do I start? At the end of the day, I know a hands on approach and learning from experience will be the most effective, but anything that can make that process more efficient and thorough would be greatly appreciated.


And Specifically:


How can I assign knobs from my physical board to Mainstage so I'm not trying to use the Macbook Pro track pad on stage?

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Here's a more specific way of phrasing what I'd like to do:


Is it possible in Mainstage to substitute a midi keyboard/controller with mics, acoustic instruments, and a Mackie ProFX mixer (which features a USB through)?

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Thanks for clarifying.


The BCF2000 (etc) would certainly provide the tactile knobs and faders that I want, but I'd still be relying on a mixer or interface to process the signal from my acoustic instruments, right?


I ignorantly thought (and was confirmed by Sweetwater tech guys) that the Mackie's "USB Through" would be key in allowing me to bridge the worlds of acoustic recording and real-time processing, but so it hasn't been much more than an over sized fader for casual music listening.

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You could get another interface, like a MOTU Ultralight or Presonus Firestudio project used.

That and a control surface will fill you're needs and give space to grow.

To be fair, check the mixers manual to see if at least you could send each channel separately into Logic and MS.

I think it comes with Cuebase, so it probably does. One thing to keep in mind is the speed of USB vs FireWire.

For critical audio situations, you can't have latancy(noticeable at least) so

FireWire is the best option until Thunderbolt takes off, if ever.


Hope this helps, and Good luck.



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