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Buses and Mastering problem


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So, I've made a song. The mixing is done and all I have left is Mastering. The problem I have is that the song is to loud. All the channels together make it peak at +5.2 dB. To master a song it must peak on -4dB, right? So I have to lower every track so that they still have the balance but just, not that loud.


I know that I could just go to every track and manually just lower it and hope it doesn't peak over -4dB. Another thing I could to is to assign a bus for all the tracks and just have one "volume-slide" managing all of them. The last one is the one I would do IF I didn't use automation on pretty much all of them. This means I have to go to every automation and lower EVERY single dot I've made.


So my question is: How do you solve this problem?




Is there a way to make a bus for the automatized tracks? If the song starts in 0dB and I made an automation in the middle of the song that lowers the song to -10dB. Is there a way so that with only one slide I can manage that if I lower the 0dB to -5dB, the middle of the song AUTOMATICALLY goes down 5dB (to -15dB).


I know it all sounds a bit confusing, but if you know the answer. PLEASE help me. Tell me your best tip!!

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