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Wordbuilder Standalone with Logic 9


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I have tried all of the tutorials to setup EWQLSC Wordbuilder standalone in Logic and have been unsuccessful thus far. I followed the directions on the logic site.......Does anyone have any advice on how to get this to work? I'm sure it's a problem in the environment and my lack of knowledge in that area. PLEASE HELP!
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I've been trying to tackle this problem myself. I followed everything on the tutorial video, and I am getting the proper responses from wordbuilder, but they are hiccuping and dropping out, making them completely useless. :x


What I did notice however, is that it is actually possible to make the integrated wordbuilder in Play work in Logic 9, but at a price.

In the arrange window, if you add a new software instrument and load up an instance of Play, along with a multi, you can change the MIDI channel of the track to "1"

If you do this, there is no need to set up anything in the environment window and you don't need to launch wordbuilder as a standalone. Instead, it will use the wordbuilder integrated in play.

HOWEVER, this causes an immense lock up of Play. The first symptom is that whenever I returned to the browser menu to select a new instrument, I would hit "replace all" or "replace current" and Play would not do it. Instead, I had to delete each instrument separately and then I could add a new one. Then, when I loaded a different multi and went into the integrated wordbuilder, when I tried to return to the player menu, it wouldn't take me back!

And to top it off, when this happens, it affects ALL instances of Play! They only way to restore Play to functioning properly is to quit and reopen Logic

Also, this method will simply make Logic crash.


The route in the video certainly seems to be the appropriate route to take, but now the issue is figuring out what is causing voices to drop out, hiccup, shift up an octave, etc.

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