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Help importing audio to visual project on Logic [SOLVED]


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Hello, I am currently trying to finish off my audiovisual project for University. I made a piece of video on Final Cut Pro, in which some audio has been left on purpose.


I exported the finished project into logic in which i composed a piece of electroacoustic music to couple with the visuals, however when i export the audio into the video (.mov file) when i play it back on my mac it couples just fine, but when i try to burn it to DVD/upload it to youtube, only the original audio from the FCP project is audible.


My deadline is in 6 hours



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Thankyou, I ended up Bouncing the audio into .aif, exporting back into FCP (which was long as i'd left my scratch disk on an external at a friends house) and exporting the whole thing from there.

THankyou for the help, i will definitely use these forums again in future and will register my details properly later.

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