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Sustain pedal issues Please Help :)


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Hi Guys, I seem to be having issues with the MIDI sustain information. I recorded a Nord keyboard and tok both a MIDI and audio feed so I know the keyboard was set up fine. My problem is when I play the MIDI track, half of the stuff my lazy keyboard player played utilized his sustain pedal to hold a chord for a bar or 2 at a time (probably so he could keep texting his mrs at the same time lol) Anyways point is, the tracks are ful of short notes. When I open the HyperDraw at the bottom of the Piano Roll window on the MIDI track It SHOWS the sustain information holding untill the correct length, but the notes stop when they end in the piano roll! Hope I'm making sense here, I'm pretty sure also that when I am using Reason it reads the sustain information fine, only problem is I wanna be using the organs in Logic!


Any help is much appreciated



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(probably so he could keep texting his mrs at the same time lol)


Ha, that's pretty funny.


There is a nice little function for that. Atop the piano roll editor, go to

Functions / Note Events / Sustain Pedal to Note Length.


Also there is a chase function for tracking the sustain pedal but it has been a bit buggy in recent versions of Logic.

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Thanks mate that solved the problem, kinda, rather than recognizing the pedal events its just lengthened all the note events, but it makes it workable so cheers! I've just noticed however that it works fine on the EFM1, but not on the EVB3 do you know why this would be? Is it just the fact that some soft synths recognize the sustain controller and some dont?
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I just checked the latest version of Logic and my EVB3 has the sustain pedal (as expected) controlling the Rotor (Leslie) FX.


But, you can edit this parameter above the words "Speed Control".

Change it from "SusPdl Temp" to some other controller (such as ModWheel).


This will allow the sustain pedal to return to controlling note lengths.

I don't know if it works like this in older versions of Logic. You using the latest version?


(re-edited for a bit more clarity to point out that



((sorry for shouting from my roof top but the world needs to know)) :)

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