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Mastering video..... ?

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OK - I'm not a mastering engineer and don't reeeeally know I'm on about with this field (at all.... ) I 'master' tracks for playing out at clubs or whatever but that's about as far as i go with it...


Just watched this though -



Kind of struck me as a pretty rubbish video, ? But then i thought maybe it's just me that's rubbish, so I'd be interested in hearing some view's on it!


he starts 'doing stuff' around 8 minutes...


here -


#t=484s" rel="external nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=

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I've seen worse.


I'm no ME, but the one thing that struck me was that he didn't have a multimeter as the last insert, so he's not actually metering what he's doing with the EQ, Multipressor and AdLimiter. From his description, he doesn't appear to understand what the correlation meter actually does either.


It's impossible to tell with the way he's just recorded the audio with a mic, but I'd imagine he's got some nasty distortion with the amount of gain he's adding with the AdlImiter.


There is some good advice in there too though.


Like I said, I've seen worse.

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nice one rev... yeh - i raised an eyebrow at the multimeter placing ( i'd have thought he'd maybe use two, one on the start one at the end if he really wanted to know the signal start levels...)


i don't use the Multipressor much at all so i can't really talk on what he said there....


Like you said - the recording quality of the vid is (ironically... ) s#!+, so its hard to say, but it looked as though he beat the s#!+ out of it with the adaptive.... wasn't sure if you should use a linear phase Eq at the mastering stage...


but yeh, not really my field, just wondered what general consensus was.

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Yeah, hard to say if he knew what he was doing with the Multipressor, as he didn't spend much time tweaking it. At first it seemed as if he was trying to get the same gain reduction from each band, which would negate the point of using the Multipressor over the regular Compressor. But, he didn't spend long enough with it to really tell.


I'll say one thing though, that song sucked big hairy balls! :lol:

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why would youtube suggest a mastering video to me... ?


the plot thickens...



Putting the tag Mastering will turn up most anything that has a tag with 'mastering.

99.9% of the mastering posts are rubbish.


It makes me so happy to know that most of the world population owns a laptop and software that qualifies them all to be 'Mastering Engineers.' I get really excited to know how generous they all are by imparting their years of knowledge and experience with a 2 minute video post on You Tube about Mastering.


I never realized the key was to set the output limit to -0.1 and use the 'gain' knob to raise the average level up to 11 without 'clipping' the signal. Now I can rest assured, based on the You tube videos about mastering, that I have a commercially competitive CD and I can now start charging $25 an hour to master songs.


If I save up enough money to buy a T-racks bundle, I will then truly qualify as a mastering engineer and I can up my rate. No one will then be able to question my qualifications once I have posted references for many of the local bands that have used my services.



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Of course, Shiv is totally right.


This is a poorly done video about poor-man's bedroom-producer "mastering", and is light years away from the arcane processes of real mastering engineers.


The kind of "mastering" amateur Logic users are able to do is akin to the difference between recording in a studio with great acoustics, an SSL desk and Studer tape machine, versus recording onto a Fostex cassette 4-track in your parent's garage.


But hey, you work with what you've got (and what you can afford).

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