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USB Keyboard Controller not showing Logic on Lion

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So I have a USB Carillon Control 49 which is basically a rebranded M Audio Oxygen 49.


Everything worked fine in Snow Leopard.


I can see the keyboard under 'About My Mac' but Logic doesn't recognise it at all. It does recognise my Korg Nanopad however.


I've tried different cables, different USB ports and nothing. I'm really wishing I hadn't upgraded to Lion now, I've had nothing but problems.

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To check MIDI devices in connected to your computer you need to go to the Audio MIDI Setup utility (Applications/Utilities). Once there open the MIDI Window and you'll see a device icon representing the keyboard. If Logic can't see, It will must likely appear offline in Audio MIDI Setup (the icon will be dimmed). If that's the case, you may want to delete the icon and click Rescan MIDI to see if it reappears in its online state.



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Thanks of the reply. But have discovered this rebranded M Audio Radium (not oxygen like I thought) is not supported in Lion and others seem to have the same issue.


So a new USB keyboard controller is the answer I guess. Had nothing but problems in Lion.

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