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Piano Roll not working


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Hi guys, I am new to this forum and to Logic Pro 9. I use Ableton normally but I am thinking of switching over and buying Logic Pro(I downloaded it to try it out). Anyway I am having trouble using the Piano roll. It will not play anything when I click on it. It won't even animate when I click on it or when I use a Midi Keyboard. I heard the ESX24 plays a big part in Logic and I can't even find that after looking at videos to help me out. Could it be because I didnt install the very large part of Logic which was like 55 gb (Logic Studio)? Help would be great, thanks for the time. Edited by nomadicbeats
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It will not play anything when I click on it.


First you need to create a software instrument track, and either insert an instrument in the instrument slot, or choose a setting from the Library. Then make sure that track stays record enabled.


You can then click the keys on the keyboard to the left of the Piano Roll to play that instrument.

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Your MIDI controller keyboard works great right now to trigger instruments that are internal to Logic. You use an external MIDI track to use any MIDI instrument (synth or sampler) that is external to Logic: hardware synths and samplers, but also standalone software instruments or other applications (such as other DAWs etc...).
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Cool, that works, but i put in a few kicks to try it out but it does not play anything.

So.... what did you mean exactly when you said "that works", if it does not play anything? I'm confused. :?


However it does show that something is playing where it says Inst 1 with the sound activity bar shown to the left of that.

Do you have any sound out of Logic? Can you, for example, preview loops in your Loop browser, and hear them?


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