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Setting a Single macro to control multiple plugins


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Hi Guys

I have audio on a track that lasts 1 bar running through various fx.. During the course of this one bar I want to automate the multiple fx on the channel as one "mega effect" (filter sweep, distortion, reverb all move together) I go and assign all the parameters from different plugins I want to automate to single knob on my midi controller essentially creating a macro. I record this automation and each individual parameter that was assigned to the knob gets its own automation lane. This is fine but if I want to edit the automation later I have to go into each automation lane and do it individually. I am wondering if there is a way to have a single automation lane representing the knob on my midi controller, and this one lane will control the multiple parameters.


If you have used NI massive what I am trying to do is the same as its macro controllers and how they work in logic. With massive I can assign multiple parameters in the synth to be controlled by one of its macros, say macro 1. If I want to automate all these parameters together I can simply draw automation in logic for Massive macro 1 and all the parameters in massive assigned to that macro will move as one, but are controlled by a single automation lane. So say if filter cutoff and reverb size are assigned to macro 1 and I record automation with it I just see 1 automation lane for macro 1 as opposed to two separate lanes for filter cutoff and reverb.


So basically I am trying to achieve this same functionality using different plugins. I believe this is fairly easy to do in abelton live but not sure how to best do it on logic.


Any advice is appreciated


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Hi Scottmach


I think what you are doing is possible through the Environment window, although i'm afraid i cant tell you exactly how.


Take a look at the guy that posted this vid on YouTube...it seems like he is talking about something similar here; controlling multiple parameters with one control. Be warned though its a bit of a head-scrambler!


I'd be really interested to know if you find out how to do it! This is something I would really like to know too but I just don't have the time to search right now!


Hope it helps anyway! :)


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This is doable in the environment, but it will most likely require an extra track for that "master automation" that can then be transformed into individual parameter automation data and sent to the desired instrument.


If you could post back which instrument, and which parameters exactly you'd like to automate, one of us can show you the environment work needed.

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Thanks David


Its about time I started learning the environment window. In this example I would want to automate the cuttoff freq of both a high a low pass filter . I also want to automate the cutoff of sugar bytes wow filter in vowel mode together with the high and low pass. Im not sure if it being a third party plugin is an issue in the environment. I may add some other stuff as well but if I can figure out how to do it with just these three fx im sure I could add others as well without much issue.


This video represents exactly what I want to do. I am not trying at all to make the sound he describes but just the technique. It seems very easy in abelton.



If you dont want to watch the whole vid in the beginning he basically shows the finished product. The other thing I love is that he restricts the range of the parameters he is automating with his midi knob. So basically he has full range of motion on the physical knob but on the plugin he sets a min and max range. So say on an eq you can set a min of say 500hz and a max of 3Khz but still freely turn the midi controller all the way left and right. It makes more sense in the video than I think I can explain it here. I am hoping something similar to this is possible in logics controller assign window.



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Just another thought


If I can assign the multiple parameters I want to automate to a single midi knob, couldnt I just create a midi track and draw in the automation for that one knob (cc whatever) in that track.? I am thinking that thisone automation lane on the midi track would control the multiple parameters

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