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Tracks for clubs - focus on mono or stereo?

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Hi all,

I have several questions:


-The tracks I am working on (Psy/Progressive Trance) are mainly for clubs so I would like to do my best to understand more about how to work WITH the sound systems in clubs and not against them.

I would HIGHLY appreciate if someone can explain to me what are the elements which are typically in mono (I.e. Kick, baseline etc.)

I am aware that everyone has their own way of doing music and what sounds good sounds good, I fully agree on the creative part,

BUT, although I like to do my music according to the way I see it, I still would like to make sure that it sounds right in a club as there are things which are known to experienced music producers and it would be great to learn it as well.

if delay on baseline will sound great on my monitors but will cause the baseline to loose it's punch and ultimately sound bad in many club systems, I'll choose the more consistent mono for the baseline.


- What about percussions, Hi-hats, pads, fx etc., I love using sample delay/ stereo delay/panning etc. as they obviously sound better then mono, but again, with regards to club sound systems and how they react to stereo, what is the general rule on using these effects?


- Subwoofer: I have Dynaudio BM6A which I'm very pleased with.

It might be a stupid question but it's still important for me to know so I won't buy something which I don't need (from a sound perspective only, nothing to do with money)

Subwoofers are an essential part of clubs and understanding them as well is very important.

I would like to know what is your expert opinion about if it's essential to have a sub in order to get the best mix for clubs or will it actually cause the mix to be less good as some claim.

(Erez Eizen from Infected Mushroom said that they don't use Subwoofer "I think that its really hard to tune a room with a sub.

so we work without."

I wouldn't mentioned it unless Infected sound was so amazing.


Thank you for your help!

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too many questions LOL. seriously, just study mixes you LIKE for clues. keep the center strong. if you pan things far left and right, know that someone on the opposite side of the room may not hear those parts clearly. too much reverb smears everything, most clubs have enough 'live' in their sounds, so easy on reverb.


but mostly, check out mixes that sound good to you. that's the best barometer for what works or doesn't...

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