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Midi cc output is on wrong midi channel [SOLVED]


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I am trying to send various CC messages out of logic to an external midi device . The CC are all on incorrect midi channel numbers when monitored thru midi monitor . When using other daws , the cc 's are all on ch 1 on midi monitor which they should be.


Is there a setting or filter that could be causing this strange behavior?



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I have 8 midi channels. The first going out on 1. The second on 2 etc. I can see the midi messages going to the FireWire box but the midi device doesn't receive them. We routed them to a midi monitor. When we solo'd channel one and looked at what channel it going out of, it keeps changing giving random channels. Not channel 1 consistently. It is definitely on channel in logic. We have reaper on another computer. Loaded the same midi file and it works fine.
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It's not clear from your posts whether or not you have the basic routing down. So here it is:


1) Create an external MIDI track

2) In the library, choose the destination MIDI device

3) In the Library, in the next column to the right, select the desired MIDI channel


You can do that for as many tracks/MIDI channels as desired.

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