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LFO1/2viaWhl & ADSRviaVel sliders in EXS24 MK II? [SOLVED]


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I think I worked too long with the EXS24 in Logic 5 because I can't figure out how this works in Logic Pro 9.

In my old sampler I used these filter parameters for 'strange' effects (in combination with the random wave settings, cutoff and resonance).

Read the manual ofcourse but I still don't get it. :shock:

There are no LFO1/2 via Whl & ADSR via Vel sliders in the editor anymore and can't find them in the modulation router.

So what must I do for creating the same effect? :)

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If I understand you correctly, you want to modulate "something" with an LFO via the mod wheel, or with an Envelope via velocity. Here are the modulation routers to achieve that to modulate, for example, "Filter resonance":




in combination with the random wave settings

Wave settings on the EXS24? :? Do you mean the ES2 maybe?

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Wave settings

let me rephrase that :roll: > waveform! like triangle saw square random



this is an image of the old sampler with the setting I used

the arrows show which sliders I mean

the LFO1/2 via Whl & ADSR via Vel gave me the opportunity to 'modulate' the waveform and make it active

(in combination with the already chosen cutoff and resonance)

now I want to 'copy' this into the EXS24 MKII so I can use the same effect (for loops for example)

hopefully this makes my question a little clearer :)

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* still figuring out how the modulation router works 8) *

Basically you choose a destination parameter, and a modulation source, then raise the green little triangle to the right to adjust by what amount the parameter is going to be modulated by the modulation source. The 'via' parameter allows you to further adjust the modulation range with another controller.


In my original answer I showed you how to modulate "Filter Resonance". After you posted a GUI of the original EXS24 I said the sliders you're talking about are most likely modulating "Filter Cutoff" instead. So on Erik's picture you'll see the same routing as on mine except he's changed the destinations from "Resonance" to "Cutoff". (Thanks Erik!)


Good to hear you got it working now! :D

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