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iMate with ADB Dongle under Mac OS 10.4?

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Logic Audio Platinum 4.1.3 does everything I need, so although my music is on 50 video games and Sesame Street, I have not upgraded. Now I want to use my wife's Power Book G4 (12", 1Ghz, mini-DVI) with my ADB dongle, but Griffin's iMate is not allowing me to see the dongle. The Mac System Profiler proves the USB port sees the iMate, but the OS9 extension is not loading when Classic mode launches when I boot LAMP 4.1.3. Behind the dongle error box, I see all the menus displayed and I have used this dongle successfully on my Tower G3 for a decade. Any thoughts? I am going to call Griffin tomorrow. Thanks!


Newbie member, Bob Vieira

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Welcome to the forum!


Unfortunately, manufacturers have little to no (economic) reason to support the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach. I'd be very surprised if you got anywhere with this.


My honest suggestion is to just continue using your G3 for composition --- while simultaneously building a new rig with up-to-date Intel Mac hardware, OSX 10.7 (or at least 10.6) and the newest version of Logic, and keep it within no less than 1-2 years up to date. Make the switch over the course of 6 months to a year. Expect a bit of a learning curve.


It's just delaying the inevitable otherwise: sooner or later, circumstances will force you to upgrade. The longer you wait to get your computer up-to-date, the more likely you'll run into a situation where it's impossible to catch up and you have to start completely over. Sorry to say, but it seems like you're now on 10-year-old hardware & software and have long since passed that point. You've stayed behind over not one but two major transitions - OS9 to OSX and PowerPC to Intel - and the bridges have since been torn down.


Good luck!



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