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Trigger Long pedal note from middle [SOLVED]


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Hey guys. I'm currently workin' on a soundtrack for a short film, and I have this section with a really long pedal note. Now my question, or predicament is, at first, it wasn't so bad, but now that I'm working in the center of this part, I have to send the playhead ALLLL the way back to when the pedal note started, so Logic can register that it's there, and play the note. I have to wait quite a while to hear the last I wrote, along with the pedal tone. Is there a way to make logic register midi input, even if it doesn't pick it up from the start, so that, no matter where I start this section, the pedal note will be played?
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Hmm interesting! I asked this question with little faith, Ski's method is interesting, I'd duplicate the track, and then freeze the one with the pedal tone, but David's midi chase is working as well... Wow, I'm quite bedazzled right now, I didn't think there would be any solution! Thanks!
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