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Update OS 10.5.8 to OS 10.6?

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I've got a Imac 7.1, 2Ghz, Dual core, OSX 10.5.8, Logic 8 Express (last rendition Ver 8.02 I think), Axiom 61, Alesis Fusion 8HD, a pair of Yamaha HS50M monitors and a TC Helicon VLT.


The latest Adobe Flash Player wants an os upgrade for Macs to at least OSX 6.0.

Logic Express 8 and OSX 10.5.8 works fine for music making.

The only reason I might want to upgrade to snow leopard, Lion and beyond is because life, and tech, marches on and No (OS Upgrade) ticky, No Laundry (Flash Player upgrade).


My question is how does one safely upgrade a 2007 Imac with OSX 10.5.8 to OSX 6.............So that Logic Express 8 and all my work survives and my setup works like a charm after the said update?


Thank you Loginistas



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My question is how does one safely upgrade a 2007 Imac with OSX 10.5.8 to OSX 6.............So that Logic Express 8 and all my work survives and my setup works like a charm after the said update?

There are a few ways. Whatever you do, you'll want to have a full backup of all your work on a secure volume (another hard drive for example) before you start.


You could simply upgrade the OS and all your work would automatically stay at the same place on your hard drive.


You could also install OS 10.6 on a new drive, then use migration assistant to move all your apps and files from the old drive to the new. A bit more work but that allows to pick and choose what will migrate and what won't.

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Resurrection shuffle! Ok Ok Ok

I haven't done any of the above yet, but now I must!

Just got:

#1 WD My Book Studio FW800/USB2.0 HD

#2 4GB+2GB= 6Gb Rosetta Ram chip set To max out my Entry Level Imac 20'' Mdl. 7.1

#3 Snow leopard update will arrive at any time now

#4 Will then the get Lion App

#5 Will then get Logic pro App


#1 Should I make a disk image or copy of my old internal 250 Gig drive which has about 100 GB used up and 135ish GB free, mostly with logic stuff?

#2 After all the OS updates ( ie 32 bit to 64 bit ) will I still be able to access to my older OSX 10.5.8 / Logic Express 8.02 Projects songs, audio, midi, home made presets, key comms, controller settings....?

#3 how best to utilize the new Fw800 HD and should I daisy chain My Presonus Firebox FW400 or use the FW400 slot on the mac?

#4 In what order and just how should I do this?


I use this Imac for Logic and Imovie mostly.


Thanx in advanced peeps, look forward to hearing your inputs




PS Is the Migration Assistant already in a mac?

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1) I don't know? Only you know what's on there, if you need it, if you want to store it, if you want to move it, etc...

2) Yes. But keep in mind, you and only you are responsible for your data. You should have multiple backups to ensure that whatever happens, you're covered.

3) I would only use it for backups, and disconnect it once the backups are done. USB2.0 is too slow to use for audio.

4) You already listed the right order: install Snow Leopard, then Lion, then do all the software updates, check again for software updates until there are no more updates available, then install Logic Pro, check for software updates, then install all necessary drivers if any.

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Thanx for responding David.

My new WD My book Studio, is a FW 800 drive with 2 FW 800 slots and one mini usb 2.0. (which I wouldn't use )

The reason I wanted to possibly use it was, I figured it would possibly, have better performance possibly, than my circa 2007 Internal HD-possibly? (Sorry, I think Vicky Pollard "yeah but no but yeah but no but... has taken over my sentence writing skills)

I guess its really a simple question.----Whats the best utilization of my new FW800, 2TB Drive? (No RAIDS right?)


Sorry I'm such a F rucking Luddite.

Thank you again.



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Thanx David.

So, Save Project, Save As, Include Assets, Copy external audio files to project folder... Question? How does one get the data to just the external drive and not on both? Possible answer. Delete the copy on the internal?


Thanx again David.



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