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play libraries not loading


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quick sound library question...

when I tried opening my logic project without my hard drive housing my sound libraries, I clicked the 'abort' button when it asked if I wanted to search my computer for the files


now when i reopen the project with the library hard drive attached, it doesn't load the libraries and I have to go back through every track and find the samples I was using, which are mostly master keyswitches and it takes forever


is there a way for logic to search for and load all the samples i had previously loaded, or do i have to go in by hand and find all the sounds again?



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Ouch. Been there.


Did you save your project in that state of hard-disk-not-connected? If so, with the hard drive connected, revert to an earlier version (go into your .bak folder). My thinking here is that you weren't doing any work on the version in which the samples didn't load, and therefore (if my guess is correct) your previously saved version will be intact.


If that's not the case, post back.

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