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Automation moved to unused lane?


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Hey forum–


maybe someone here can help me–

I was inserting an effect on a track that already has many on it. Then after auditioning the new effect, I decided not to use it...

The problem is, when I deleted it, somehow the automation I had for another effect on the same track was moved to another "lane".

Instead of "Insert #3 bypass" now it says "59 unused". The automation is still there, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it back on the right lane. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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It's kinda normal for Logic's automation display to change when you remove a plugin, especially if you wrote automation for that plugin by making adjustments to it or bypassing it, and then deleting the plugin afterwards. At that point, the automation you wrote becomes "unused". And Logic's not then going to look through the automation data and select a parameter that's still relevant and change the display accordingly. To clean up the display, just click and hold on the flip menu where you have the choice of which automatable parameter to see, and select the one you want.
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thank you for replying Ski–


the thing is, when I auditioned the new effect that I eventually didn't use, I never even wrote automation on it. The "59 unused" that I referred to is automation that I do want, except it's not triggering the old effect it was originally on. So it's not a matter of cleaning up the display, it's getting the automation back to it's original lane. If that makes sense.

In the pic attachment the "59 unused" lane is supposed to be on the Noise Gate. I had inserted effect X between the Noise Gate and the Compressor, then decided I didn't want efffect X, but when I deleted effect X, the automation for the Noise Gate you see in orange became "59 unused". I want to put that orange automation back on the Noise Gate.


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