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Multi-Timbral instrument with Virus Ti


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Hi Everyone, i hope you are well! :)


I have a Virus Ti Desktop that i'd like to use as a multi timbral instrument in logic. I have no idea where to start, i hit create multi timbral on logics 'create a new midi track' options and i hear the same patch for all 16 channels created.


Thanks guys and once again Thank you for an EXCELLENT FORUM! 8)

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it took me a minute to find on google if anyone needs :)



Logic is extremely stupid about multi-timbral. This method is messy, it creates 16 identical audio instruments in the environment.. if you ever need to go to the environment afterward, it makes things more cluttered and cumbersome.


The method I use is to create a multi-instrument and cable to a single audio instrument (with virus TI plugin or others on input). Then I just add the midi tracks to the arrange and use those to record.

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