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Touch Tracks: issue setting up transpose ranges


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I am having an issue with Touch Tracks in Logic 9.1.5. Been a while since I've used them but I wanted to test them again since they are really useful for arranging and reworking old ideas.


I am trying to do the following as per the manual:

[if a key range is selected when you drag the region into the Touch Tracks window, incremental transpositions are set automatically for adjacent keys (within the key range).

When you create a touch tracks object by dragging a region into the Environment, C3 triggers the region at its normal pitch, and all other keys trigger it (transposed relative to C3).]



Basically I drag across a key range and then try to drag a region to the touch drag object window and logic makes a strange keyrange for me. It is different every time but never what I want, which is just an octave of the sequence I dragged. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this a bug? If so is there a workaround?


Here is a screencast showing the issue:


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Cool thanks David...I'll test it out again. It's been years since I've used TT's but I don't remember those requirements/ limitations in the setup.


Hopefully apple will refresh the environment in Logic X. There are so many useful tools in there but most are cumbersome to use at best and buggy or broken at worst. Most new logic users dont even know they're there. Arpeggiator, Chord Memorizer, Touch Tracks, Delay Line, Mapped Instruments, Hyper Editor....they all need a serious refresh.

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